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The Dark Avenger [From Malicious.Life]

Malicious Life - Curious Minds

In 1989, a message was found in a virus: “Eddie Lives…Somewhere in Time!”. ‘Eddie’ was a particularly nasty virus, and its discovery led a young Bulgarian security researcher down a rabbit hole, on a hunt for the prolific creator of the Eddie virus: The Dark Avenger.

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Are Software Bugs Inevitable?

FORTRAN - Curious Minds Podcast

Software errors and random bugs are rather common: We’ve all seen the infamous Windows “blue screen of death”… But is there really nothing we can do about it? Are these errors – from small bugs to catastrophic mistakes – inevitable?  

Part 1: Episode Page | MP3 | Transcript
Part 2: Episode Page | MP3 | Transcript

Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense (SDI) Initiative, AKA – “Star Wars”

Strategic Defense Initiative - Curious Minds PodcastIn 1983, president Ronald Reagan shocked the world when he announced that the United States was developing an ultra-modern defense system against intercontinental ballistic missiles. Hundreds of billions of dollars were invested in the system’s development – But then, in 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed, and with it – the Star Wars initiative. Was Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative the reason for the Soviet Union’s collapse?

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The History of File Sharing

Napster - Curious Minds PodcastNapster, a revolutionary Peer-to-Peer file sharing software, was launched in 1999 – and forever changed the media world. In this episode, we’ll tell the story of Sean Fanning and Sean Parker, its creators, and talk about the legal battle it fought with the record companies – and Metallica.

Part I: Episode Page | MP3 | Transcript
Part II: Episode Page | MP3 | Transcript

Heroes Of Podcasting: Exploring the Past & Future of Podcasting

podcastThis series explores the history and future of podcasting, and each episode will feature a single guest who is a pioneer of podcasting.

#1: Inventor of MP3, Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg

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#2:  Jay Soderberg (The PodVader), VP of BlogTalkRadio

Episode Page | MP3

#3: Leo Laporte, Chief Twit & Host of This week in Tech

Episode PageMP3

#4: Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice (Blubrry)

Episode PageMP3

#5: Aaron Mahnke, Lore Podcast

Episode PageMP3
(Coming Soon!) #6: Julie Shapiro, Executive producer of Radiotopia, and Co-Founder of the Third Coast International Audio Festival
(Coming Soon!) #7: Margaret Brown, Publisher of Podster Magazine

The History of Open Source & Free Software

The History of Open Source & Free Software - Curious Minds PodcastWith Special Guests: Richard Stallman & Tim O’Reilly!

In the early 1980’s Richard Stallman founded the Free Software Foundation (FSF): a socio-technological movement that revolutionized the software world. In this episode, we’ll hear Stallman himself talking about the roots of the movement, and learn of its early struggles.

Part I: Episode PageMP3 | OggTranscript
Part II: Episode PageMP3 | OggTranscript

The Indo-European Language: Linguistics & Genetics

William Jones - Curious Minds PodcastWith special guest – Kevin Stroud (“History of English Podcast“)

William Jones, a British judge in India, uncovered the existence of an ancient language, the ancestor of an amazing variety of modern languages – from English and French to the Persian Farsi and Indian Sanskrit.

Part I: Episode PageMP3 | Transcript
Part II: Episode PageMP3 | Transcript

Astronomy Shorts

Astronomy Shorts - Curious Minds PodcastIt’s a series of short episodes that will give you a taste of the very diverse field of astronomy. Each episode will reveal fascinating details and facts about celestial objects, space, and our universe as a whole.

#1: The Scale of the Universe

Episode PageMP3 | Transcript

#2: Three Breathtaking Views within the Solar System

Episode PageMP3 | Transcript

#3: Crazy Weather On Other Planets

Episode PageMP3 | Transcript

#4: The Solar System’s Little-Known Members

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Marine Navigation & The Scilly Islands Disaster

The Longitude Problem - Curious Minds PodcastHow a single navigation error cost the Royal Navy Four battleships and 1,505 men – and led a humble carpenter to solve one of the most difficult & important engineering challenges of the last 300 years.

Episode PageMP3 | Transcript

Stuxnet: The Malware That Struck Iran’s Nuclear Program

Stuxnet: Advanced Persistent Threat - Curious Minds PodcastA special 3-parts series exploring the first cyber-weapon in-depth, including its target, creators, and implications on cyber security.

Part I – Advanced Persistent Threat

Stuxnet Episode #1 is now part of the new malicious life Podcast

Part II – Uranium Enrichment

Stuxnet Episode #2 is now part of the new malicious life Podcast

 Part III – Flame & Duqu

Stuxnet Episode #3 is now part of the new malicious life Podcast

The History of LSD

LSD History - Curious Minds PodcastWhen Albert Hofmann accidentally discovered Lysergic Acid Diethylamide – LSD – he hoped that the unusual compound would help psychiatrists treat patients by inducing ‘temporary insanity’. It was the CIA who tested the LSD’s mind-bending potential as a psychological weapon, in a top-secret and horrifically cruel series of experiments known as MKULTRA.

Part I: How Does It Feel To Be Crazy?

Episode PageMP3 | Transcript

Part II: The Most Dangerous Man In America

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U-Boats Technology in WWII

World War II Technology: German U-Boats - Curious MindsHow did the small, outgunned German fleet manage to strike painful blows to the Great British Navy in WW2? The credit for this success belongs to the German flotilla of submarines: the Unterseeboots, or U-Boats.

Part I: The Battle of the Atlantic

Episode PageMP3 | Transcript

Part II: Wolf Packs and Floating Coffins

Episode Page | MP3 | Transcript

A Flea’s Worst Nightmare: The Black Death

The Plague - Curious Minds PodcastIn the 19th century, two brave (and some might say – insanely brave) French physicians took to the streets of Hong Kong and Bombay and risked their own lives in the name of ridding Mankind – and the fleas – from their worst nightmare: The Black Death. This is their story and the story of the humankind’s bitter enemy throughout the ages: the Bubonic Plague.

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The Molecular Clock

Molecular Clock,Pt.1: Mitochondrial DNA - Curious Minds PodcastA 2-parts series exploring one the most important innovations in Genetics: the Molecular Clock, a novel way to interpret random genetic mutations in every living creature – and deduce from them it’s evolutionary past. The series explores the scientific & theoretical foundation of the Molecular Clock, as well as the implications it had on our understanding of our own collective – and personal – pasts.

Part I: Mitochondrial DNA

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Part II: Y Chromosome

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Arsenic Poisoning – A History

Arsenic Poisoning - A History - Curious Minds PodcastPoisons are an integral part of human history, but when Life Insurance was invented, poisoning became a plague in Victorian Britain. Discover why Arsenic was known as the ‘inheritance powder’, and the biological mechanism that makes it so deadly. (Note: This episode is not recommended for young children)

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Digital Preservation & The Domesday Project

Digital Preservation - Curious Minds PodcastIn the 1980’s, the British BBC invested millions of pounds on what should have been a technological marvel: a modern version of the famous medieval Domesday Book. Less then 15 years later, it’s system was unusable.

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Medical History: Rontgen, Hounsfield & Radiology

Rontgen, Hounsfield and the History of RadiologyIn 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen made an accidental discovery that forever changed the medical profession: X-Rays. Decades later, Godfrey Hounsfield harnessed the power of the newly invented computer to create a new and powerful application to the X-Rays: ‘Computed Tomography’, or CT.

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  1. These are podcasts are awesome. These are very informative. I am bit curious about how you will get this information like any journals, articles, websites. I want to know, Can you please tell?

    1. Thanks, Arya! Glad you like the podcast 🙂
      I do the historical research for the episodes based mainly on books & articles. I have a deep engineering background, so most of the technical explanations
      are rather easy for me 🙂

    1. Hi, Kevin! The Rouge Waves episode exists – but it’s well hidden.. 🙂 and for a good reason: it was the first episode of the podcast, a pilot of sorts: I don’t like it’s quality…maybe i’ll release it again one day, we’ll see 🙂

      1. I Understand How You Feel In Not Liking The Quality Of The First Podcast; But Sometimes I Think It Is Good To Let Others Hear & See What We Consider Our “Less Than Best”[As I Like To Call It] Work, So We Can Show Our Growth And Development & Maybe Through Positive Feedback Of It Learn To Be Less Critical Of Ourselves☺☺!! I Personally Would Love To Hear The Rogue Waves Episode, As I Find The Phenomenon Amazing & Intriguing, If Not Scary As Well, Since I Love Boats & Sailng Myself!!

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