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Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense (SDI) Initiative, AKA – “Star Wars” | Curious Minds Podcast

In 1983, president Ronald Reagan shocked the world when he announced that the United States was developing an ultra-modern defense system against intercontinental ballistic missiles. Hundreds of billions of dollars were invested in the system’s development – But then, in 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed, and with it – the Star Wars initiative. Was Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative the reason for the Soviet Union’s collapse?

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Nuclear Deterrence cold war By Aviation Technology Space Channel
Vintage Nuclear Preparedness Educational Film from 1950’s By Radiation Prevention
President Ronald Reagan Introduces SDI on March 23, 1983 By High Frontier
2014 FTG 06b By MDAbmds
The Blueshift (Kxmode Remix) – Dorris Terrible by kxmode
alxdmusic – jade by alxd
Falling of the Berlin Wall 1989 By Video CC Comercial

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  1. Hello People!!

    As usual, absolute top entertaining. Love every bit of it, so much i really would like to read it myself to put this on my own blog, of course crediting you guys with all links, references and so on

    Im a total adict of your stories

    Keep it up


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