U Boats in WWII, Pt. II: Wolf Packs and Floating Coffins | Curious Minds

A 2-part series, exploring the role of technology in the Battle of the Atlantic in WW2. How did technical innovations by German, American and British engineers determine the ebbs and flows of the naval battles and the ultimate fate of the German U-Boats fleet?

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Part II – U-Boats Wolf Packs and Floating Coffins

u boats - Curious Minds PodcastIn 1941 the British and Canadian navies managed, with great effort, to turn the tide and curb the U-Boats threat in the North Atlantic – but Admiral Dönitz was about to introduce a new kind of U-Boat – one that would deal a deadly blow to the British, American and Canadian forces. Type 21, AKA – Elektroboote.

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9 thoughts on “U Boats in WWII, Pt. II: Wolf Packs and Floating Coffins | Curious Minds

  1. I just want to Thank all who served and gave their lives to defeat Hitler and his ideology. And to all those who saved the ones left in the camps to die. Thank You, I fly our flag with pride at my home and Salute it every time I walk past it. Joe K. DiMario.

  2. My Dad was a Coasr Guardsman on the USCGS Campbell, and his ship sank seven of those in one battle in February 1943, the last one by ramming it, and covered by Life Magazine.

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