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The Dark Avenger [From: Malicious.Life] | Curious Minds Podcast

We’re back from our short break, with a fantastically interesting episode:
In 1989, a message was found in a virus: “Eddie Lives…Somewhere in Time!”. ‘Eddie’ was a particularly nasty virus, and its discovery led a young Bulgarian security researcher down a rabbit hole, on a hunt for the prolific creator of the Eddie virus: The Dark Avenger.

Guests: Vesselin Bontchev, Graham Cluley

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1 thought on “The Dark Avenger [From: Malicious.Life] | Curious Minds Podcast

  1. Another fascinating podcast, this time straight from our early programming days when coding was more a sport than work and where virusses competed against each other instead of targeting computer users. Alas, those courteous days are long gone. Thanks for another great break under the headphone. Keep going!

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