Aaron Mahnke - Curious Minds Podcast

Heroes Of Podcasting #5: Aaron Mahnke, Lore Podcast | Curious Minds Podcast

Aaron Mahnke - Curious Minds Podcast

This series explores the history and future of podcasting, and each episode will feature a single guest who is a pioneer of podcasting. This time, we’re interviewing Aaron Mahnke, from Lore Podcast.

Up till now, In the Heroes of Podcasting series, we heard podcasters who started podcasting back in the early days, in the mid-2000’s. Aaron is an exception, in that he started podcasting only some 5 or 6 years ago. Yet Aaron’s story is interesting for two reasons. Firstly, it is the story of the lone podcaster: someone who started – and is still doing it – all by himself. Secondly, it exemplifies the role of storytelling in podcasting, which is becoming more and more dominant in the last few years. Aaron talks about starting Lore, the value of storytelling and his inspirations.

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