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June. 27, 2016:
The History of Open Source & Free Software, Pt. 2

Tim O'Reilly - The History of Open Source & Free Software - Curious Minds Podcast

With Special Guests: Richard Stallman & Tim O’Reilly!

In 1998, a group of people broke away from the Free Software Foundation and created instead the Open Source Initiative. What were their motives? Richard Stallman, the founder of the FSF, and Tim O’Reilly who helped popularize the term ‘Open Source’ discuss the history of Open Source & Free Software.

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Latest News

June 21st, 2016: Listen to Ran’s interview in ‘Podcasters Unplugged’

Podcasters Unplugged is a show for people looking to start a podcast. Dusty Porter and I discussed various aspects of podcasting, including – how different is podcasting outside the US? How to monetize you podcast, and why podcasting is a marathon and not a sprint. Enjoy the interview! 

Mar. 5, 2016:
Listen to Ran’s Interview in Paula Allen’s Tell Me Stories Podcast

A few weeks back I had the honor of appearing on the Tell Me Stories podcast, to talk about my own story as a podcaster. Paula & I talked about my days as a Ship’s Captain in the Israeli Navy, about learning to podcast – and a rather sudden loss of hearing I experienced a few years ago. Enjoy the interview! 🙂 Ran

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