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May. 23, 2016:
Astronomy Shorts 3: Crazy Weather On Other Planets

Astronomy Shorts - Curious Minds Podcast

What’s Astronomy Shorts? It’s a series of short episodes that will give you a taste of the very diverse field of astronomy. Try listening to to the episode with your kids!

Humans have yet to have set foot on a different planet, but today, from their limited vantage point on Earth, astronomers are able to notice a few breathtaking phenomena that are beyond human imagination. This episode reveals some of the greatest, most amazing, violent and impressive meteorological phenomena seen on other planets in the Solar System.

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Latest News

Apr. 20, 2016: Read Ran’s Article in Segula Magazine – ‘The Man Who Plucked Bread From The Sky

Fritz Haber’s first invention was hailed as a boon to mankind. His second was reviled as an immoral form of warfare. Haber invented both the Chemical Fertilizer – and Chemical Warfare in WWI. Read The Full Article (PDF)

Mar. 5, 2016:
Listen to Ran’s Interview in Paula Allen’s Tell Me Stories Podcast

A few weeks back I had the honor of appearing in the Tell Me Stories podcast, to talk about my own story as a podcaster. Me & Paula talked about my days as a Ship’s Captain in the Israeli Navy, about learning to podcast – and a rather sudden loss of hearing I experienced a few years ago. Enjoy the interview! 🙂 Ran

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