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Dec. 18th, 2016:
Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense (SDI) Initiative, AKA – “Star Wars”

Strategic Defense Initiative - Curious Minds Podcast

In 1983, president Ronald Reagan shocked the world when he announced that the United States was developing an ultra-modern defense system against intercontinental ballistic missiles. Hundreds of billions of dollars were invested in the system’s development – But then, in 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed, and with it – the Star Wars initiative. Was Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative the reason for the Soviet Union’s collapse?

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Latest News

Oct. 8, 2016:
Listen to Ran’s Interview On The Founder’s Report

Last week I was interviewed in The Founder’s Report Podcast – talking about how to create a successful podcast, and the importance of endurance and patience in the game of podcasting… Enjoy the interview! 🙂 Ran

Oct. 4th: “How to Craft The Perfect Story”

As part of the 2016 Intl. Podcast Day, I gave a talk titled ‘How to craft the perfect Story’, in which I discussed the elements of a great story and how to enhance your storytelling with audio editing. The talk is suited not only to podcasters but also to writers, video creators and any form of media, really. View the video.

August 27th: Trivial Warfare

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest in the Trivial Warfare podcast, hosted by Jonathan Oakes, Chris Hollister & Carmela Smith. I teamed up with Chris for a tense and bloody (well, almost bloody) game of trivia… how did I do? You better listen. 🙂

August 25th: Watch Ran Levi talking about his experience with ‘Outbrain Amplify’

We recently Outbrain’s offices in New York. Outbrain is one of our long-term sponsors. We had a great listener’s meetup at their premises, and we were also honored to help Outbrain promote their great Content Discovery System, ‘Outbrain Amplify’, with Curious Minds as an example of the system’s capabilities.

June 21st, 2016: Listen to Ran’s interview in ‘Podcasters Unplugged’

Podcasters Unplugged is a show for people looking to start a podcast. Dusty Porter and I discussed various aspects of podcasting, including – how different is podcasting outside the US? How to monetize you podcast, and why podcasting is a marathon and not a sprint. Enjoy the interview! 

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