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A 2-parts series exploring one the most important innovations in Genetics: the Molecular Clock, a novel way to interpret random genetic mutations in every living creature – and deduce from them it’s evolutionary past. The series explores the scientific & theoretical foundation of the Molecular Clock, as well as the implications it had on our understanding of our own collective – and personal – pasts.

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Part I – The Secrets of Mitochondrial DNA

Molecular Clock,Pt.1: Mitochondrial DNA - Curious Minds PodcastThe Molecular Clock technique was invented by Emile Zuckerkandl. Several decades later, Dr. Rebecca Cann, who examined samples of Mitochondrial DNA, made an amazing discovery: she confirmed the existence of a single  Mitochondrial Eve, and solved a Paleoanthropological mystery: Earth was once home to many different Human Species – from Homo Erectus to the Neanderthals. Yet today, they are all gone. When and how did the other humanoids disappear? The answer is hidden, of all places, in out DNA.

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15 thoughts on “Molecular Clock, Pt.1: Mitochondrial DNA | Curious Minds

  1. Perhaps we all need a large dose of epistemology and apply falsifiability (the requirement that at least one prohibitive contradiction to an idea has to exist ) to be able to separate just a belief from theory. God has no such contradiction to try to verify to refute the claim but evolution by natural selection does, as must any valid theory of science .

  2. Seriously, you think we came from a rock?
    Think about it really carefully and tell me you only need a child’s brain to believe in religion.

    1. explain the archeological evidence so the creationist theory make more sense to you? really thats ludicrious!!

      1. John, have you listened to the podcast at all?…this is not what it is about. It’s about discovering the origin of Homo Sapiens in Africa some 200K years ago: the opposite of creationism…

    2. I believe hard evidence from scientific research before I would believe the fairy stories that are religion.

      1. I chuckle at the elementary arguements. Man’s so-called discoveries are constantly changing and having to correct their previous “theoretic” discoveries. As a man who has studied both science AND religion, i can say i have experienced the timeless truths found in a Christian bible. You are a man with theories, i am a man with consistant proven miracles. I think it takes more faith to believe in evolution than in creation. Your theories may say there are no such thing as miracles, however, my life is continuous living proof, back by scriptural evidence. You cannot argue with a man who has multiple experiences of the Supernatural.

        1. You mean never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

      1. Science does not support evolution whatsoever. Give one observable example of where one kind changes into another kind! …..crickets!

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