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Part I: Stuxnet – Advanced Persistent Threat

Stuxnet: Curious Minds PodcastWhen it was discovered in 2010, Stuxnet was the most complicated and sophisticated malware ever known. The Stuxnet attack was a terrifying display of cyber warfare and jarring proof of concept: An Advanced Persistent Threat.


net – Uranium Enrichment

Stuxnet - Curious Minds PodcastOne of the urgent questions following Stuxnet’s discovery was the identity of its target. When this was finally revealed – Iran’s Uranium Enrichment facility – it also exposed the extent of its creator’s brilliance.

Stuxnet Episode #2 is now part of the new malicious life Podcast

Part III: Stuxnet – Flame & Duqu

Stuxnet - Curious Minds PodcastIn this episode, the last of the series, we’ll learn about Stuxnet’s creators and their motives – and get to know Flame & Duqu, Stuxnet’s sinister sisters…

Stuxnet Episode #3 is now part of the new malicious life Podcast

Show Notes

outbrain engineering: CMPod the molecular clock


Facing Darkness By myuu
A Strange World of Chaos By Bjarke Tan
Walking in the Woods By Bjarke Tan
Spook Box by myuu
Beginning By audionautix
Dark Mystery By audionautix
Sound Effects: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Bidad – Homayun By Azadeh Shamee
Tension By Jeff Math
Led Zeppelin Cover By Alex28698
Tension By Jeff Math
Hava Nagila By Hiram Castruita
Tense Thriller Cue By Steven O’Brien
House of Evil By Jason Shaw
Soldier marching sound effect By copyright free sound-effect


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